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По умолчанию Where to buy best price fragment design x Air Jordan 1?

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,To say that the most unforgettable Air Jordan 1 in recent years, the Air Jordan 1, which was launched by the fashion godfather Fujiwara's proposal fragment design and Jordan Brand in December 2014, is definitely the first choice. After two years, this pair of shoes is in the market of fried shoes. It still holds a seat on the top and is sought after by shoe fans, but it is not one of the best. Even though this rare pair of sneakers landed in the US department store Marshalls without warning, so many shoes fans rushed to Marshalls to try their luck, but for those who are not in the local area, we will inevitably hate, but it happens that the United Kingdom END. The site announced on its website that the fragment design x Air Jordan 1 was re-launched. In fact, when the launch of END. Launches was announced, it was announced that it would be re-stocked. Finally, we can see its attack. Earlier, we suddenly For everyone to expose a customized version of the Virgil Abloh x fragment design x NIKE Air Jordan 1 shoes, in addition to handsome out of the sky may be difficult to describe its visual effects. Its design incorporates the OFF-WHITE x NIKE series of deconstruction and the 2015 fragment design x NIKE Air Jordan collection. However, the moment that attracted the most hatred came, and the pair of shoes were actually taken up! It can be seen from the figure that the transitional sense of its color is in sharp contrast with the blue color and is more dazzling.

This Adidas Ultra Boost Glow In The Dark, which has been exposed earlier, has new news! Although the Luminous Plus version does not have a customized version of the shine, it is also a big tool. It is still composed of Primeknit woven material. It is equipped with Boost sole unit. It is presented in gray, light yellow and light purple on the upper. The heel and three slash logos are displayed in white. At first glance, it is very refreshing. However, when the lights are turned off, the whole pair of shoes will show a fluorescent and transparent texture, which is very beautiful. Recently, a new photo of adidas Ultra Boost has been released. If the new "Glow in the Dark" color matching effect is exactly as shown in the photo, adidas and 3M are really playing the new technology of the reflective material black technology, the new color is Gray as a background, interspersed with light green tongue, signature Primeknit fabric surface, classic white Boost midsole.

The pure white Primeknit woven shoe body is decorated with blue and red blocks. Adidas NMD PK White OG will be launched in the US, and many well-known sneaker stores including Packer Shoes will be available for sale. The local time will be officially released on July 14th! We also invite overseas partners to pay attention to the sales information of local stores. It should be the most popular pure white color of NMD shoes. It is not only presented in the high specification of Primeknit woven material, but also the blue and red block brings the same style of OG primary color. Compared with the cool trend of OG primary color, pure white The eye-catching effect is even higher!
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