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Соревнования Всё о спортивных соревнованиях, проводимых различными клубами и организациями на територии Сахалинской области и всего Дальнего Востока.

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По умолчанию we analyze the snap counts and stats

Below White JC Tretter Jersey , on defense for the Cleveland Browns’ Week 2 game against the New Orleans Saints.Defensive LinePosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%StatsWho would have guessed that the Browns would have delivered a solid defensive outing against QB Drew Brees, yet had a very quiet day from DE Myles Garrett. Besides one tackle for a loss near the end of the game, Garrett was held in check by Saints LT Terron Armstead. For the second week in a row, Garrett basically played the entire game.Larry Ogunjobi continues to be a beast. He played 88% of the snaps and registered two third-down sacks to end drives. He had a hat trick called off due to a questionable defensive holding penalty that was called on SS Derrick Kindred in the second half.PFF says Ogunjobi had 3 pressures, and earned the 4th-best mark among interior defenders this week in that category. However, they gave him a low run defense grade of 35.8.With DE Emmanuel Ogbah out, the team turned to DE Chris Smith, who played 58% of the snaps. DL Carl Davis and DL Anthony Zettel each made their debut with the club, and rookie DE Chad Thomas also saw action.LinebackerPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlay s%StatsJoe Schobert was the third-highest graded Browns player on defense with a grade of 70.4. He and Jamie Collins each played every snap.With Christian Kirksey out, James Burgess made his 2018 debut, playing 61% of the snaps. After playing 51% of the snaps a week ago, rookie DE/LB Genard Avery was limited to just 32% of the snaps this week.CornerbackPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays% StatsThe Browns didn’t allow the Saints’ receivers to go off per se, but besides the two fumbles forced by CB Terrance Mitchell, it was a productive enough day for their receivers.Per PFF http://www.authenticsclevelandbrowns...bitonio-jersey , rookie CB Denzel Ward had a rough Week 2, logging an overall grade of 48.0. He was “targeted seven times, allowing seven completions for 71 yards, one touchdown, and a 148.3 passer rating.” They also say that Ward missed three tackles.One big change in Week 2 was that T.J. Carrie replaced Briean Boddy-Calhoun as the team’s nickelback. He was flagged for pass interference once to bring the ball to the 2 yard line. He also had a nice sack later on, coming through the line untouched.Despite being active, E.J. Gaines only saw a few snaps on special teams.SafetyPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%Sta tsThrough two games, we can definitely say that FS Damarious Randall was the most underrated addition of the offseason. He has a nose for the football, and despite often playing the deep role, is showing better instincts than SS Jabrill Peppers did in that role a year ago.Derrick Kindred played 62% of the snaps, while Peppers was in for 55% of the snaps. Kindred was flagged for illegal contact in the fourth quarter, a ticky tack play that you’d like to see the officials not reach into their pocket on. Peppers was the Browns’ highest-graded defender in Week 2 with a grade of 74.7 As the caricatures fade and reality starts to set in, we can start to make prudential judgments about just what kind of general manager John Dorsey will be for the Cleveland Browns. We can start to evaluate what skills and positions he values, and what kind of players he’s drawn to. As the games continue to pass White Darren Fells Jersey , we can feel more and more confident about evaluating the players he’s brought to the team. We can also start to determine his timeline for improvement, and evaluate the steps he’s taking to get there. Hue Jackson’s place as a holdover head coach complicates how we view this—it is a common view that with a 3-34-1 record, he is coaching for his life. The team brought in veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor, presumably with the idea that he would be able to help the team win, and to win right away. Dorsey also made moves for veterans, notably bringing in wide receiver Jarvis Landry and right tackle Chris Hubbard. Fears seemed to involve Dorsey spending the Browns into salary cap hell, while jettisoning analytics and investing in old, past-their-prime players. It’s worth noting, here, that Dorsey pushed back against this from the beginning. From The Ringer, in August: The article goes on to mention that Dorsey is fascinated by the prospect of mastering the salary cap, and maintaining a roster that stays among the youngest in the NFL. And indeed, John Dorsey has not managed this roster like a man dedicated to getting the Cleveland Browns immediate wins. He has not managed the roster like a man particularly interested in helping Hue Jackson save his job. First, the simple act of selecting a rookie quarterback with the top overall pick is not http://www.authenticsclevelandbrowns...n-coley-jersey , generally speaking, a win-now move. It’s an important and necessary investment in your team’s future. Even taking into account Baker Mayfield’s age and college success, a head coach desperate for wins will be reluctant to hand over the keys to a guy who had never played in the NFL before. Of course, we know the team didn’t. But even beyond that, knowing the team had Tyrod Taylor in their back pocket, the Browns could have invested their first pick in a Saquon Barkley-type player that would have made an immediate impact. They didn’t do that. Even Denzel Ward, who had only one full season as a regular at Ohio State, was seen as a bit of a project pick. The Browns took him knowing full well they would throw him to the wolves and let him learn as he went. But it’s Dorsey’s second round choices that stand out most of all. The Browns are fully content to let Carlos Hyde run into walls, even as Nick Chubb waits patiently in the wings. And Austin Corbett was drafted into the Browns offensive line without a clear position or role. In these picks—and with the Mayfield and Ward ones as well—it’s relatively obvious Dorsey simply chose guys he really liked. Perhaps these picks will pay off, because the Browns have a lot invested at the center and guard positions, and perhaps Dorsey believes Corbett will be a cheap alternative to J.C. Tretter or Kevin Zeitler in the future. In the case of Chubb, he’s demonstrated plenty of home-run potential. But the ultimate evaluation of all four of the first Browns picks will come later; for now, it’s worth noting that Dorsey didn’t seem to feel like he needed to draft immediate difference-makers. Perhaps it’s a three-year plan after all. We’re now seeing this dynamic with the receiving corps. Dez Bryant and Rishard Matthews have worked out and not received or received acceptable contracts. Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman are gone. Dorsey determined that whatever they could help the team with now, he didn’t want them to be a part of the organization. Instead Youth Denzel Ward Jersey , Antonio Callaway is force-fed snaps and targets he isn’t prepared to handle. A mish-mash collection of fringe NFL wideouts and Jarvis Landry—while established receivers are on the market—doesn’t exactly sound like a team determined to challenge for a playoff spot. None of this is to really even pass judgment on what’s happening; on the one hand, making win-now moves for an embattled coach seems shortsighted, but on the other hand, you’d probably want to give your rookie quarterback some real options to throw to. To go back to the Nick Chubb example, if you felt like you had drafted a real difference-maker at the running back position, but knew his rookie season wasn’t going to be one in which you seriously challenged for a division title, would you handle things any differently than Dorsey? It’s unlikely Hyde is back next season, and Chubb both got a taste for the NFL and kept his mileage down. We’re still getting to know and evaluate Dorsey, but it seems as though he’s willing to take his time.
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