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По умолчанию Redskins Veterans Who May be Cut Every year fans of their favorite teams try to predict the 53 man roster.

Redskins fans Authentic Adrian Peterson Jersey , it seems, have been doing this since the end of the 2018 NFL Draft. Unlike some seasons in the past where the roster seems pretty cut and dry, there are a few areas where unexpected change could be in the cards.Below is a list of some veterans who the Skins may decide to part ways with in a few weeks. Some may surprise you, while others may not. Rob Kelley - The third year running back from Tulane is certainly on the roster bubble. Even though the first “unofficial” depth chart lists him as the starter, that’s pretty much written in washable sidewalk chalk. There is some though he could be offered up in a trade, but I doubt his market would be very high. He’s rushed for a pedestrian 898 yards (3.9 YPC) and nine touchdowns, and caught 16 total passes for 100 yards and a touchdown in his first two years.Brain Quick - By all accounts, Quick is having himself a very good training camp, and he offers the Redskins a veteran presence within the wide receiver room. On the other hand, the team is likely to keep just six receivers on the 53-man roster, and Jay Gruden may choose to go with younger, higher ceiling players over the former 33rd overall pick of the 2012 draft, who has a combined 111 receptions for 1575 yards and 10 touchdowns in his disappointing six year career. T.J. Clemmings - There was a point in the 2015 draft evaluation process where some thought T.J. Clemmings would be as high as a second round pick. He ended up going to the Vikings in the fourth round, and was forced into action as a rookie (started all 16 games) when Phil Loadholt when out with an injury. He never stood out in Minnesota as the future, and his time in DC has been overshadowed by injury. This could be the last straw for the once promising offensive lineman. Stacy McGee - McGee played well for a bad defensive front last season, but offseason surgery, and him being placed on the PUP list for training camp, could seriously hurt his chances of sticking around. He would only save the team $1.5 million by cutting him, but there just may not be enough space in what is now a crowded and talented defensive line group that will likely only keep six. Ziggy Hood - Hood has been a square peg in a round hole since arriving in Washington. He has been the team’s Nose-Tackle-by-default the past two seasons, and did not preform well there. He moved to 3-4 defensive end this year, but that move may not keep the 31 year old veteran on the roster, as there is more talented youth all around him. Martrell Spaight - Spaight started six games out of necessity last season, but was just very limited in what he can offer the defense. He certainly hits hard when he arrives, but he often arrives late, and is very stiff and poor in coverage. He offers the team very little besides special teams ability, and his spot on the roster may very well be taken by rookie Shaun Dion Hamilton - a smart http://www.washingtonredskinsteamonl...n-smith-jersey , instinctive, athletic Alabama product. Joshua Holsey - Holsey is entering his second year in the NFL, and definitely had some promise, but an untimely freak toe injury, described by Jay Gruden as nearly “severing” his big toe, may have sealed his fate with the team. There is a possibility that rookie Danny Johnson, who is having a tremendous camp, steals his spot for good, while the Skins try and stash fellow rookie Greg Stroman on the practice squad for future development. Curtis Martin took and dished out plenty of helmet hits as he rushed for more than 14,000 yards in his Hall of Fame career.He just wishes he didn't have to endure that.The retired running back sees the NFL's enhanced rule penalizing players for leading with their helmets as a positive step for the sport. As a member of the player safety advisory panel, he's part of a leaguewide effort to educate the current generation on how to stay on the right side of the rule and reduce injuries."Hopefully we can extend careers and just have less contact to the head, which I just think is beneficial over a long period of time," Martin said by phone this week. "We're really focusing on getting the head (contact) out of the game. I wish it was like that when I was playing. I think it's something that's very positive, and I think it's important as we go forward and the future of the game."Martin and former linebackers Willie Lanier , also a Hall of Famer, and Willie McGinest taped minute-long "NFL Way to Play" instructional videos for players stressing stance, posture and technique. For specific examples of head-contact hits that are now 15-yard penalties or possibly ejections, there are situation-specific videos narrated by coaches Anthony Lynn of the Chargers (ball carriers ), Doug Marrone of the Jaguars (offensive linemen ), Dan Quinn of the Falcons (defensive linemen ), Mike Vrabel of the Titans (linebackers ), and Todd Bowles of the Jets (defensive backs )."I just had some things I wanted to try to share being a former player and having played that technique and coached that technique," Vrabel said. "It's what's best for the game, the fundamentals. We always try to teach the fundamentals that are good: playing with your knees bent, leading with your hands and playing with your face up."After watching those videos, Redskins coach Jay Gruden said making sure players don't use their helmets as weapons is "a big thing we're trying to get over." That's the NFL's emphasis: a helmet is for protection and not to be used as a projectile."You don't necessarily want to hurt anyone http://www.washingtonredskinsteamonl...-lauvao-jersey ," Martin said. "As an offensive player, a lot of times, especially when you see those times when a player or whoever's carrying the ball they're very close to the sidelines, but before they go out, they decide they just want to punish that (defensive back). That's where you see the helmet used as a weapon, and you want to cut things like that out of the game because it's unnecessary, No. 1, and it just protects the players better."Bowles, who played defensive back for eight NFL seasons, illustrated in his video many of the shoulder-to-shoulder hits that are legal and expected. He contrasted them with some players who made helmet-to-helmet contact. Because the enhanced rule now makes helmet-to-anywhere contact a penalty, he knows it's on coaches to give players a refresher on the proper way to tackle."It's really teaching football to be played the right way," Bowles said. "There are going to be hard collisions, but if the helmet's up, and you have to keep the helmet out of the way and hit with the shoulder, which most of the teams do all the time. There's an occasional head-to-head when someone's putting their head down, but we don't teach it any differently."Martin fully understands the football mentality of pushing for the extra yard and going for the big hit, so he figures it'll take time for players to adjust. It's his hope the culture change toward understanding head injuries helps players accept the updated rule for their own good."As former players, we can sit back and see how this rule would've been very effective for us when we were playing," Martin said. "But when you're in the midst of something, it's like anything — when you're in the midst of a problem, it's hard to see the benefits of (fixing) that problem or the outcome or the potential positive things that can come out of that problem. Now that we're on the other side, we can see that maybe a little clearer than current players can and as we're able to inform them and teach, I think that they'll come around."AP Pro Football Writers Teresa M. Walker and Dennis Waszak Jr. contributed.
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